The Untold History of the United States

Washington D.C. does not defend freedom and democracy, WDC defends its interests against everything and everyone. WDC failed. WDC fell. Killing civilians worldwide is a crime. They are the wrong people in the right place.

The terrorist attacks of September 11 were a consequence of aggressive American foreign policy.

The media brainwashes the American people.

There is a relation between Washington D.C. and Russia in attacks against Syria. Think: after the Islamic State invaded Syria they started to destroy the cities (questionable ethics). WDC fight against the Islamic State. Do you understand?

The role of United States is ONLY the technological development of planet.

The tax belongs to the people, so it must go back to the people in the form of benefits: school, hospitals and universities (public and with quality). Washington D.C. prefers to burn the tax with NASA and military (to dominate the planet).

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